1. Our Foundational course has a $99 per month for 7 months plan. Pay as you go. Each month you’ll get new content, but it will take you 7 months to complete. If you finish the current month content early, you will have to wait until the next billing date to receive your new content. All payments are billed to your credit card with recurrent payments monthly. on a credit card with recurring payments. You would also have to purchase this as a stand alone course; it is not eligible as part of our bundle.
2. For the bundle and other courses, upon checkout you can select pay with PayPal credit. Essentially you’re applying for a PayPal credit card. Upon approval, you receive six month interest free payments, if your balance is paid in full within that six months. All payments are made directly to PayPal, we receive our funds immediately and you receive full access to the course. 

Our online programs are actual videos of the instructor leading in-person training events. It’s like being in the classroom with the instructor. All of our programs are self-paced, meaning you can take as little or as long as you like to complete. There is no time limit to complete a course. Courses are accessible 24/7 via computer, tablet and smartphone.

Our Foundational program is approximately 18 hours of live video instruction of Tonya, Chanice, and Danielle leading an in-person training weekend.

Our Advanced program is approximately 18 hours of live video instruction of Tonya leading an in-person training weekend.

You have lifetime access to our online programs and any updates. Workbooks are currently available for print form only; we do not have it as a digital format. Once you purchase a course with us, the link to order the workbook will be provided in your student account.

There is an optional final exam, and there is a $25 fee to take the exam. The exam is not required unless:

  1. You are wanting to become a CACHE Certified NCS. If you wish to become Certified, you will need to take and pass the exam. All exam certificates submitted for CACHE process must be dated AFTER October 28, 2018 to qualify for CACHE Certification process. 
  2. You wish to become an NCSA certified NCS.
  3. You wish to receive CAPPA CEUs.
  4. Please note on your exam certificate is a date of expiration. THIS IS NOT when your certificate expires. This is an internal expiration date required by CAPPA, for those seeking CAPPA CEUs. Your testing certificate does not expire.

Additionally, the exam link will be provided to you once you complete the Foundational program online. The exam is currently 40 multiple choice questions, and you are allowed up to three (3) chances to pass the exam. If you fail all three (they are different versions), you will need to review the entire program again before being allowed to take the exam, and you will need to pay another $25 to take the exam. The exam is not timed, however, you do need to complete in one sitting, meaning you cannot start, close your browser, and start again. All must be done in one sitting. Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive a certificate of passing, which is emailed directly to you. No certificates are mailed. We utilize a third-party program to administer the exam. The exam is not available as an in-person format, all must be done online

Should you choose to take the test for CAPPA or CACHE or your own personal use, there is a nominal fee to take the test. Upon passing, you will receive a certificate, which is available directly to you via email. No certificates are mailed.

We do not have membership fees in our company; you are welcome to join our student community once you complete a course with us at no charge where we have a team of over 30 mentors, each with their own specialty, that are available to you online to help answer questions and guide you. Because they are all volunteer mentors, there is not a guarantee of availability at specific times, but our mentors are awesome and passionate about seeing people succeed and families thrive. 

Yes, that is correct since the certification is entirely separate from our company. Details on CACHE Certification can be found here.

Nanny Stella sets the fees; please see her website for more information.

At this time, there is not an annual fee nor ongoing CEU’s that we know of; again, this will be up to CACHE or CAPPA rather than us, but that is our understanding right now.

Currently, there are no regulations in place that require anyone to be certified as an NCS. It is an option, and there are few companies such as ours who offer an opportunity to become a Certified NCS. Our Foundational program is accredited by CACHE. CACHE has been established since 1945 and is recognized around the world as the Gold Standard for child care course certification. It is recognized in several countries around the world and this certification may help open doors of opportunity for you.

Certifications from other organizations can, of course, be meaningful (just like passing any CPR course is far better than having no knowledge at all). But only the certification which is granted by an independent, widely recognized authority in the field has the full weight of professional validity and means that the individual certified has genuinely and reliably achieved mastery of the required content for their profession. 

To proceed, if you were interested in pursuing becoming a Certified NCS, you would purchase and complete our Foundational program, pass the test, then submit the required documents to us. Upon review and approval, you would then be directed to Stella, our CACHE US authorized representative and she would then process your request for certification. There is an additional fee for the CACHE certificate, please see the Nanny Stella website for more information.

What sets our training program apart is something we are passionate about—we designed our program specifically with the professional postpartum/childcare provider in mind rather than one focused on beginners. We actually are the only program that has a specific prerequisite that you already have experience working with infants in a professional capacity. We are firm believers that if you are calling yourself a specialist, you actually should be one, so we should be teaching you a depth of information and that is best done by have a standard of experience to begin with when you enroll in our course.  In addition, I myself am a trained postpartum doula, so I understand the doula role and so I know that our training aligns extremely well with the same philosophies that doulas tend to embrace and we have many, many doulas who take our training that say the same exact thing about us. 

We cannot speak to what the NCSA is doing or not doing, as we are not affiliated with them. They are a self-created “certification” process, not an independent third party that sets standards that others must then adhere to. It is our practice not to speak about organizations that we don’t have any personal knowledge of, so we can neither recommend for or against them.  
However, we can say that this lack of third-party oversight is a huge reason we sought out CACHE International as our certifying body instead. They are the home of the iconic British Nanny (NNEB) and have been recognized worldwide for supervising and accrediting child-care courses since 1945. And unlike other accreditation options, CACHE actually reviews not just the process, but the actual content of the program to ensure that accurate, quality material is taught. At this time, Newborn Care Solutions is the only NCS Training program accredited through CACHE. In addition, at that same time, Newborn Care Solutions training was also reviewed and given the stamp of approval by CAPPA Intl., one of the most well-respected doula training and certification organizations in the world. Doulas may now take the Newborn Care Solutions Foundational Training for 16 units of continuing education. These are high honors and speak to what others consider the quality of the program to be.  Check out this blog post we published when we first announced our accreditation that perhaps can help more.

Yes, occasionally we bring our Foundational training to the public. Please check our events page for a listing of trainings we will provide, or that we will be attending or presenting at that event.

Yes. Details on our Affiliate Program can be found here. Upon approval, you’ll be emailed with further information.

No. We are not a placement service. However we have relationships with several top placement agencies around the world, and jobs will be shared with us. We share those jobs with our students directly in our private Facebook group for students and mentors. 

Our training is for Newborn Care Specialists, so the focus is 0-4 months. We mention a few things related to babies beyond this phase, but not much, as that is not our focus. The only course, aside from Sleep Solutions, which goes beyond this age group is Respectful Care for Newborns, Infants and Toddlers.

We offer several ways you can work with one-on-one with Tonya. Our Elite NCS™ and Master NCS® programs offer coaching, mentoring and in-depth education as well as loads of one-one-one opportunities. Tonya (and Todd) also offer personalized coaching options that are 100% one-on-one with one or both of them and you can book a one-on-one shorter consultation with Tonya here.

Email us at info@newborncaresolutions.com, or fill out our contact form and a member of our team will get back to you.

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